Amanda’s Health StoryAmanda Gunderman


The journey to healthy has been a long road for me. There were many years I didn’t think twice about what I was eating or how much. My father became a farmer and it changed the way I looked at food forever. I started researching and made many changes to my lifestyle that I thought were healthy. Many were, some weren’t. I struggled with caffeine addiction and sugar addiction. My skin began to change unfavorably. I had acne like I never had in my teen years! I tried drinking more water through the day and many natural face washes, even oil pulling for detoxification. I looked tired all the time regardless of how well I slept. What scared me the most was the “shakiness” and irritability I would get if I went too long without eating. I tried eating more often, I tried eating what I thought was healthier by increasing fruits and veggies. But I still had that cup of coffee (or latte!) each day, as well as one sweet treat each day.  I went to the Doctor numerous times about my skin and shakes all without any results. 


After being on the program for a few months now I have many changes to report. The biggest change for me has been the relief of chronic pain I was experiencing in my joints and a nagging headache I thought warranted glasses. Secondly, but still most important is the fact that I am able to handle stress completely differently. It feels like my brain works differently now! I have no bad days. I have learned that healing from the inside out is a process, and ever changing. I am inspired by Aaron’s passion to help as well as the success our clients have had!

I feel cared for, constantly monitored and understand what is expected of me. The acne issue is not gone but it is better, and I now  understand the source of it. I have lost 12 pounds that I didn’t know I had to lose! Craving sugary foods is still an issue, but I have the tools to combat those cravings, as well, I have many healthy substitutes. Lastly, I have had a taste of what it feels like not to be tired all the time, groggy and fog brained. I have found focus and energy to give to my passions. I am happy, because I feel healthy!