Mary’s Health Story

I had always thought that I ate very healthy, although I suffered with sinus infections, stomach aches and was stressed out from my busy life. I tried meditation, bio-feedback therapy, herbal remedies, and numerous diets with no success. I took every over the counter products to cure these ailments but nothing ever worked. My doctor prescribed antibiotics and I ate Tums like they were candy, which helped temporarily but these conditions continued to reoccur. All I could do was accept that this was something I had to live with. I didn’t lose one pound from all the diets I tried and after having three children I accepted that I might never lose any weight.
After meeting Aaron and learning everything I could about a different approach to better health and eating, I finally saw changes. There is so much to learn about nutrition and a tremendous amount of conflicting information everywhere. Aaron makes it simple, if you are willing to stick with the program and speak to him when you are struggling you can feel better. I don’t suffer all the time with sinus issues, my stomach doesn’t hurt and I have lost fourteen pounds. My immune system is stronger and I have more energy than when I was twenty. It is also a great pleasure to see all the clients smile as they come in the front office, who have achieved better health after coming to the Whole Health Nutrition Center.