Erin Hundley

What was it like before you came to see us?  Hundley Erin Head IA smaller

Erin in March, 2013

Before I came to the WHNC I was constantly experiencing inexplicable anxiety, my moods were all over the map and I was especially sensitive around “that time of the month.” Extra weight was gradually beginning to stick and I felt fatigued and even depressed much of the time. Overall I felt like I had a negative outlook on life. No one would have noticed these issues about me, but I was beginning to feel less and less like myself. I also often felt bloated or like my meals were stuck in my stomach and it simply wasn’t digesting.

How is it now?

Hundley Erin Head 1st Eval smaller

Erin in August, 2013

I feel great! I’ve shed 5 pounds and feel like I can eat without worry. I didn’t even realize I could get better sleep then I was getting, but I am! My husband doesn’t have to tip-toe around me at “that time of the month” anymore. My outlook has 100% turned around and I enjoy my job and my life! I feel I have energy to get up, get out and do something fun! I rarely have digestion issues anymore and my anxiety has almost completely disappeared. Thank you WHNC!