Grainfree Granola

Ingredients You’ll Need for Your Grain Free Granola – Karen Klecar

This isn’t a set list, but rather a group of ingredients that I choose from, depending on what I have in the house and what sounds good to me:
• almonds
• walnut pieces
• chopped pecans
• sunflower seeds
• pumpkin seeds
• flax seeds
• chia seeds
• sesame seeds
• dried unsweetened coconut flakes
• dried fruit– raisins or currants, or chop up something like apricots, cherries, or mango
• your choice of oil and liquid sweetener (more on this below)

Remember that with nuts and seeds, it’s best to soak them overnight in a slightly salty water solution, then dry or dehydrate them. This reduces the amount of enzyme inhibitors that they contain, which impair digestion and can make nuts hard on the gut.

I make this a simple process by buying my nuts and seeds in bulk, and soaking several kinds at once. I set out a bunch of bowls on my counter, dump in the various nuts and seeds, fill with warm water and a bit of sea salt, and then leave overnight. The next day at some point, I drain them and stick them in my dehydrator for about a day on a low temperature (below 115 F). It honestly doesn’t take much effort, and then I have all of my nuts and seeds ready to use whenever I want them.

If you consider it in ratios, you want to have about:

2 parts nuts (this can include several kinds)
1 part seeds (again, more than one type is fine)
1 part dried coconut flakes (if you like- optional)
1 part dried fruit (single type or mixed is fine)
1 part oil/honey mixture
pinch of sea salt (could go up to 1/4 tsp or slightly more, depending how big your batch is. Go easy the first time or two that you make it so that you don’t over-salt)
a splash of real vanilla

For the oil and sweetener mixture, I personally like either:

1/2 raw honey WITH 1/2 coconut oil

You could also substitute butter for a wonderful, caramelly flavor, but I use coconut oil to keep it dairy free for one of my little girls.
If you’re using a cup for your ratio, you would use 1/2 cup honey and 1/2 cup coconut oil, for example, mixed in with about 4 parts of dry ingredients. To make a large batch, simply double or triple as necessary.

I have also tried using a bit less raw honey and sweetening in part with liquid stevia, to keep the sugar content lower. I honestly can’t remember exactly what ratio I did (I probably used only 1/2 or 2/3 the usual honey and then about 15-20 drops of Nu Naturals stevia) and it was still just fine.;