Lynn Olson

What was it like before you came to see us?

I had blood sugar imbalances and insomnia to the point where it was driving me crazy. I would almost dread going to bed, knowing that I would usually wake up around 3:00 am, with anxiety and a restless mind. Sometimes hours later, I would get back to sleep, and feel exhausted in the morning when it was time to get up.


How is it now?

My blood sugar has leveled out, and I am physically calmer with less cravings. Insomnia is very rare now. In fact, if it does happen I can trace it to my having deviated from the diet guidelines Aaron has given me. In other words, I had too many carbohydrates. Finding Aaron has enabled me to blow through all the confusing and conflicting advice and literature out there. So that I can focus on a healing and nutritional program that truly works.

This success story was shared with us by Lynn O. on 5/9/2013.