Margaret Blaho 2nd Improvement Report

Improvement Report

Please briefly describe your journey to better health and wellness with WHNC.

  1. What was your wellness / health like before you came in to see us?

I had just transitioned to a cane from a walker. Constant pain in hips, back and knew. Barrett esophagus, depression and was very over weight. I was very fatigued and had a blood infection in my system from a surgery 9 months earlier.


  1. How has WHNC improved your quality of life? What have you learned? How do you feel?

I feel 300 times better than I did when I walked in 9 months ago. I’ve learned what I eat played and does play a major role in how I got to where I was and need to be. I had/have a long haul but I listen to Aaron, I changed to all organic and took all my supplements. I am walking well without a cane, I lost over 50 pounds, am off my heartburn and depression medications and my knee and hip pain are almost gone. The best is my blood levels are now back in normal range.


This amazing improvement report given to us by Margaret Blaho on 6/2/17.