Rose Simpson

What was it like before you came to see us?

I had low energy, no stamina, became easily winded, and had difficulty exercising; fatigue and exhaustion. I have coronary artery disease and had 3 heart cauterizations, 5 stents and a mild heart attack in the six or so months prior to my first visit with Aaron. I could hardly attend the Cardiac Rehab exercise sessions due to fatigue and severe angina. When I did exercise I had to take Nitro for jaw pain (Angina) and or I would be sent home from the Cardiac Rehab session before I could complete the circuit. I would then need to contact my Cardiologist for permission to return to the Cardiac Rehab.

How is it now?

I am able to do so much more. I have been cleared by my Cardiologist to resume Cardiac Rehab and have been able to attend three times a week. I am now able to complete the exercise circuit on each visit without having jaw pain or Angina. In addition to being able to pick up where I left off four months ago. After a week my exercise time (duration) and level of endurance have increased. I now do 40 minutes cardio and 15 minutes of weights three times a week.

I have so much more energy now; I attribute this upturn to Aaron, the whole food supplements and his dietary changes he has recommended.

This tremendous success story was shared with us by Rose S. on 2/27/2013.