Sandy K.

 Improvement Report

Please briefly describe your journey to better health and wellness with WHNC.

  1. What was your wellness / health like before you came in to see us?

Before I came to WHNC, I was on medications for high blood pressure and chronic pain. I experienced numerous GI symptoms, including feeling very uncomfortable after eating, bloating, gas and constipation. I felt depressed and knew my eating habits were out of control. I knew I was in poor nutritional status. I knew I needed assistance to help me to change my poor health habits into healthier ones.

  1. How has WHNC improved your quality of life? What have you learned? How do you feel?

Now, I feel great! With encouragement, I was able to give up caffeine, and as a result am off my blood pressure medications. My GI symptoms are also gone-GONE! Something I thought I would never say. I still have chronic pain but it has decreased, I am taking less pain medication and am learning to use nutritional alternatives to deal with my chronic pain. I am learning to cook healthier foods and am trting new foods and techniques, such as spiralizing vegetables!