Sasha Fassett

What was it like before you came to see us?

I asked for your help because I wasn’t sure how to truly break the sugar addiction habit. On our first visit I shared with you my lifetime issues of erratic sleep patterns, fierce sugar cravings and extreme sleepiness throughout the day. My traditional doctor ordered a stimulant that was supposed to keep me awake throughout the day, unfortunately the stimulant masked my bodies needs while allowing me to push on through the workday, and I ended up with extreme adrenal fatigue.

How is it now?

Working with you, Aaron was not an easy task for me. The reason being is that I do not believe in diets and I hate to be controlled. Aaron, you agreed to go slow and support me through the process. I admit it is a work in progress. I now realize it’s not a diet but a way of life which I have grown to respect and love. I trust you.
Today almost a year later I feel good every day. I sleep deeply and stay awake all day. I no longer need the doctor prescribed stimulant. Sugar craving absolutely diminishes when I am clean of the sugar and eat the foods that really feed my body. Now I crave the good healthy beautiful foods; like gorgeous green kale, buttery squash and toasted almonds.
I wish that all my friends and family could work with you Aaron, to regain balance of the body, which helps the mind to feel healthy, happy and alive. This is a gift we all deserve.

This tremendous success story was shared with us by Sasha F. on 1/30/2013.