Shirley Stoddard

What was it like before you came to WHNC?

Before May of 2013, I was this: 54 year old woman, lost 30 pounds by counting calories and working out. Never ate sweets. Participated in the 5k Dirty Girl Mud Run, living the life, keeping it all relatively healthy except for the (yikes) cigarette smoking. By March of 2014, I had turned into this: 55 year old woman, quit smoking (YAY), totally blindsided by menopause (night sweats, hot flashes, couldn’t sleep, unable to focus on simple tasks), gained 30 pounds, way too tired to do anything after work (e.g., cook dinner, clean up, do daily chores, work out). My stomach was bloated and big, my other parts all were too. I felt fat and tired and tired of being fat and tired. I had hit bottom. I turned to Aaron Lambert at WHNC. He was so gentle and patient with me. Over a series of weeks, he encouraged me to eliminate sugar and grains from my diet. Then he suggested I eliminate coffee. I had lots of trouble. I felt defenseless against my sugar cravings and gave in many times. Mini Halloween candy bars—lots of ‘em.

How is it now?

Three months later I was feeling considerably better but not losing weight and my energy was not where I had hoped. I sent Aaron a “Dear John” email: “Dear Aaron, we either have to break up or get married.” He replied with: “I thought I heard wedding bells, let’s do a cleanse.” BAM. I (a person who never even ever considered a one-day cleanse) signed up for the 21-day cleanse. LOVED IT! I embraced it and enjoyed it and after three weeks, I had lost 10 pounds and 6% of my body fat. I am hyper aware of every single thing I put in my mouth and I realize that the calorie counting of my past was filled with chemicals. I have stayed on the cleanse, it’s my way of life. I love to work out. I stay up later than I have ever been able to. I perform all of my home and work tasks easily and can focus again. I wake up better. My body is no longer addicted to sugar and grains and coffee. I no longer crave any of these items and more importantly, I understand that I simply cannot have them.  No deprivation here though! I eat beautiful food now: organic vegetables, pastured meats, raw cheese, clean and REAL food. Even though I was joking about “marrying Aaron”, I am definitely committed to his knowledge, his educating abilities, and his patience with me and his sense of humor.

This success story was shared with us by Shirley Stoddard, on 7/23/2014.