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Headaches & Migraines

What was it like before you came to see us?

When I began the 12-visit program on March 1, 2013, I was struggling with several chronic health problems: depression (46 years), IBS (44 years) and insomnia (26 years). Other concerns were persistent headaches, fatigue and muscle weakness. I struggled to get through the day, feeling very sleep deprived, tired and headachy. I also felt that I was 20 pounds above my ideal weight. By then, I was simply weary of coping with these issues; I wanted better health for myself.  

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What was it like before you came to see us?

I've had severe seasonal allergies for 20 years. I would suffer from a sinus infection every 3 months and had many headaches. I also was very tired in the late afternoon.  

How is it now?

I feel great! I am no longer on my allergy medication. I am not tired during the day. I have a lot of energy and no more headaches. Thanks Aaron!  

What was it like before you came into see us?

Before I came to see Aaron my allergies bothered me on a consistent basis. I also suffered migraines and stomach bloating.

How it is now?

My allergies are non-existent right now (which is great because fall is always bad). My stomach bloating has gone away and I haven’t had a migraine in 3 months. I learned a lot about foods that help my internal organs and about supplements that are good for me.

This success story was shared with us by Tracy Casey on 9/30/14.

What was it like before you came to see us?

When I first came to Whole Health Nutrition, I had daily fatigue, regular sinus headaches and migraines, very painful periods, and had difficulty staying awake throughout the day. I had very low energy, and I had accepted that having diarrhea more often than not was normal and something I just had to live with. I was also carrying a lot of excess weight, which I worried would begin to impact my health in a negative way if I did not do something to address it.  

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What was it like before you came to see us?

Prior to beginning the program, I had very little energy and digestive issues. I craved sweets or carbs almost daily. I saw the results a family member achieved from coming to WHNC and four months later I can say this was money and time very well spent.  

How is it now?

I have so much more energy and my digestive issues are rare. I’ve learned so much about healthier eating and I dropped nearly 17 lbs.! I also don’t get bloated or experience the headaches I often had before. This success story was shared with us by Luanne D. on 7/18/2013

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