Learning How to Eat Better

Success Stories

Learning How to Eat Better

What was it like before you came to see us?

I had blood sugar imbalances and insomnia to the point where it was driving me crazy. I would almost dread going to bed, knowing that I would usually wake up around 3:00 am, with anxiety and a restless mind. Sometimes hours later, I would get back to sleep, and feel exhausted in the morning when it was time to get up.

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What was it like before starting the cleanse?

Egan Mary Ann IA

I was apprehensive about committing to a ten day cleanse however, I finally made up my mind to do it. I was concerned that it would take too much time to prepare separate meals for my family and myself. It did work out fine after I became organized with a plan. I even went out to dinner and stayed on track.

How is it now?

Egan Mary Ann Head 3rd Eval

I am very happy that I did the ten days cleanse. I am feeling much clearer mentally, I have more energy and feel very healthy. It became easier as I learned the different recipes to make the smoothies fun and tasty. This success story was shared with us by Mary Ann E. on 7/29/2014.

What was it like before you came to see us?

Prior to coming to Whole Health Nutrition Center I was gaining weight and did not have control of my bad eating habits. My lack of energy held me back from exercising and I was wasting my days away with little to no activity. I never took vitamins because I was unsure of what I was lacking.  

How is it now?

I have lost over 16 pounds! My energy level is back, I work out daily and have learned that vegetables are my friend.

This success story was shared with us by Nicolette P. on 7/25/2013.

What was it like before you came to see us?

Hughes Nikki Head IA Before consulting with Aaron I felt tired and run-down most days. After meals I felt bloated and “foggy” mentally. My cravings for sugar or simple carbs escalated during stressful situations.

How is it now?

Hughes Nikki Head 1st Eval After just 5 months with Aaron I have been able to reduce my craving for sugar and simple carbs, I feel energized and the mental fogginess has gone. I’ve learned what feels help like beets for my digestion and bloating and what foods I needed to remove from my diet to obtain optimal health. When I make a bad food choice now, I become aware immediately—my body lets me know.  

This moving testimonial was shared with us by Nikki on 1/21/2015.

What was it like before you came to see us?

I was so tired and weak, it was a struggle sometimes to even get up. I had headaches, body aches and a list of GI problems which include nausea, bloating, fullness, gas, cramps and pain. I had stomach mucus. I could hardly eat and had lost 50 pounds due to malnourishment.  

How is it now?

I have more energy. Many of my GI problems are gone. I can eat more variety of food. Aches and headaches are nearly gone.  I have gained and have maintained a healthy weight.

This success story was shared with us by Robert on 1/15/2016.


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