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Sugar Cravings & Handling

What was it like before you came to see us?

Aaron, I asked for your help because I wasn’t sure how to truly break the sugar addiction habit. On our first visit I shared with you my lifetime issues of erratic sleep patterns, fierce sugar cravings and extreme sleepiness throughout the day. My traditional doctor ordered a stimulant that was supposed to keep me awake throughout the day, unfortunately the stimulant masked my bodies needs while allowing me to push on through the workday, and I ended up with extreme adrenal fatigue.

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What was it like before you came to see us? McClure Terry Head IA

I loved my job but it got to be too much of a good thing. I drank lots of coffee and started piecing on candy. I was tired all the time working long days. As soon as I turned 65 I retired. Nine month later I was more tired. I continued dinking lots of coffee and now I was standing at the kitchen cupboard eating spoonsful of sugar-free hot chocolate mix. My brain was fuzzy and I felt too tired to do anything. This was not how I wanted retirement to be. I went to my doctor to get blood work to see if I was lacking anything. No help there. I decided that maybe a nutritionist could help.

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What was it like before coming to see us?

My daughter was “small for her age,” everyone commented on how tiny she was for a two year old. I just thought she was going to be a small person overall, I never thought it was an issue. Her doctor even said, if she’s always been small there’s no need to worry. But it seemed she stopped growing at 12 months and just hasn’t gained height or weight for about a year! Another thing was how sweaty she got when she was sleeping. It was profuse! Again, her doctor wasn’t worried- “all kids sweat.” But I could feel something wasn’t right. Most concerning were her toenails- they were frail and brittle, always breaking from the day she was born! It caused her pain and I needed a lasting solution. Lastly, she had little bumps all over her torso- not pimples and not hives, they never seemed to bother her but they bothered me. I knew it had to mean she was eating something that was bothering her but I couldn’t figure out what!

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