Valerie Cunningham

Success Stories

What was it like before you came to see us?

When I met Aaron for the first time on November 29, 2012, I was very ill and unsure if I would ever enjoy food again. I was afraid to eat, because every time I ate I spent most of my time in the bathroom and feared leaving the house. My illness was affecting my work and personal life. My body was fighting something, but doctors could not tell me what. Then I was hospitalized twice with a very serious intestinal bacterial infection (CDIF). I experienced stomach pain and loose stools that was diagnosed as severe colitis. I was exhausted, experienced extreme sensitivity to cold, chronic sinus infections, pain from arthritis in my tailbone, and swelling in my feet and legs. I was losing hope of ever feeling well, but my faith in God and great patience kept me hanging on. A dear friend started insisting I needed to see Aaron. All I heard for months is, “Aaron can help you”. So, finally I agreed to see Aaron due to my very persistent and persuasive friend. I thought at first this is some type of quack! I am so thankful I was wrong.


How is it now?

Today, I am feeling the best I have ever felt in years! I can eat again without stomach pain, bloating or loose stools. My sensitivity to cold temperatures has greatly improved. The swelling in my feet and legs have disappeared and pain in my joints and tailbone are gone! I have more energy than I did in my thirties and my chronic sinus problems are also much better. And an added bonus is I lost another ten pounds since starting to see Aaron and I wasn’t even trying to accomplish that! Aaron discovered what doctors could not; my body was full of parasites and bacteria. Just as I had feared many months ago, my body was literally in battle with itself internally. It was difficult at first eliminating sugar and carbohydrates from my diet, but I quickly found it easy to do as I continued to feel better. The less time I spent in the bathroom each time I ate, the easier eating healthier became. Today, my body does not crave those things and when I do eat the wrong thing my body tells me immediately! There are certain foods I cannot eat, like nuts and seeds, due to other medical conditions I have and Aaron was able to work around those barriers with me and make substitutions. Some other great news is that I have regular blood work done every three to six months to check my thyroid and vitamin levels. Usually I have deficiencies in my vitamin levels, especially my Potassium, Vitamin B and Vitamin D. Well, I just had blood work done May 1st and everything is back to normal! I have not had normal blood work in over two years! I cannot thank Aaron, my “pushy” friend, and Mary enough for helping me be healthy and happy again. Aaron saved my life and I can actually enjoy eating again. At 44 years of age, I feel better today than I did when I was in my twenties! God Bless Aaron, Mary and others who are helping people like me and you live healthier and happier lives again!

This tremendous success story was shared with us by Valerie C. on 5/3/2013.


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