Kim Embry

Success Stories

What was it like before you came to see us?

I was desperate, felt helpless and ugly at a core level. I was tired all the time. It hurt when I went up and down stairs – my knees and ankles couldn’t take the pressure. I suffered from monthly migraines. My ankles would swell up so much you couldn’t tell that there were bones there and getting my shoes on was difficult. I suffered from incontinence whenever I would cough or laugh. It was so frustrating. Being overweight was taking over my life.


How is it now?

Five months later I am no longer desperate. I have lost almost 20lbs. Stairs no longer hurt my knees so now I can start exercising! I had only 2 migraines in the past five months! That’s huge! I can see the bones in my ankles now that the swelling is gone. My energy level has greatly improved. I wake up in the morning with energy now. I have lost 7.3% of my body fat and my metabolism is finally starting to kick in and work. Most of my life I have tried to lose weight to feel better, always trying to make the outside of my body healthy. By doing it this way (working on the inside first) , the outside is slowly shaping up. My organs on the inside are feeling better. This is a totally different feeling. Beauty is starting to come back in my life. This success story was shared with us by Kim E. on 8/10/2012.


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