Success Stories

What was it like before coming to see us?

My daughter was “small for her age,” everyone commented on how tiny she was for a two year old. I just thought she was going to be a small person overall, I never thought it was an issue. Her doctor even said, if she’s always been small there’s no need to worry. But it seemed she stopped growing at 12 months and just hasn’t gained height or weight for about a year! Another thing was how sweaty she got when she was sleeping. It was profuse! Again, her doctor wasn’t worried- “all kids sweat.” But I could feel something wasn’t right. Most concerning were her toenails- they were frail and brittle, always breaking from the day she was born! It caused her pain and I needed a lasting solution. Lastly, she had little bumps all over her torso- not pimples and not hives, they never seemed to bother her but they bothered me. I knew it had to mean she was eating something that was bothering her but I couldn’t figure out what!


How is it now?

After seeing Aaron we have achieved almost complete success on all of the issue listed above! In just two months, my little lady has gained a pound and half,  her hair has doubled in length and her toenails look beautiful-she also grew in all her remaining teeth! All signs that she is actually DIGESTING her foods! The switch was easy since I am on the program too, she gladly eats what I eat and she is no longer allowed any refined sugars. (Don’t worry she still gets plenty of goodies like sweet potato chocolate pudding and brownies made with beets and honey!) With Aaron’s suggestions her sweating stopped within a week! Her weight gain was the next most noticeable thing- it just started piling on week after week. What I’ve learned from Aaron in regards to children’s nutrition has been invaluable. My child is more vibrant and sleeps better and I no longer worry about the things her doctor said weren’t of any concern! Her thyroid was struggling and I am so thankful that we were able to pin-point the issue and resolve it naturally and non-invasively! My daughter looks forward to seeing Aaron!

This success story shared by a Happy Mom on 12/11/2014.


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