Unbelievable Breakfast Burrito

Unbelievable Breakfast Burrito

Submitted by: jodellefitzh20

Preparation Time: 10 mins Cook Time: 3 minsExtra Time: 2 minsReady In: 15 minsServes/Makes: 1Level of Difficulty: easy

Grainless Tortilla Wrap:
2 egg whites
1 tbsp coconut flour
2 tbsp of water
dash of sea salt
Filling: (I used the following but you can be creative and fill your burrito with whatever you like: nitrate free bacon, eggs, veggies, refried beans, black beans, cheese, etc.)

¼ cup ground venison
1 egg white
1 heaping tbsp. organic cottage cheese


To make tortilla:
With a wire whisk, whisk egg whites, coconut flour and water until all the clumps are out and it’s creamy. Pour into a non-stick skillet and tilt pan to spread batter around to make a large tortilla shape. Flip over just like a crepe and then set on a nice pretty plate. (This could be used as a wrap for anything sweet or savory).

For burrito filling:
Scramble egg white and venison (or any other ground meat) together with spinach and meanwhile spread cottage cheese right down the center of tortilla, then fill with egg and meat mixture and top with salsa, fold and enjoy!!