Makes one gallon

What you will Need:

-Raw Milk

-Candy thermometer

-Double boiler or heavy duty pot

-Prepared jars (approx. 18, cleaned and sterilized jelly canning jars)

-Starter yogurt (for example Stonyfield whole milk plain yogurt)

-Large cooler

To start, Heat one gallon raw milk to 185 degrees in a double boiler or a heavy duty pot. Stir frequently to prevent sticking. Once it has reached 185 degrees remove from heat and place in a pan of cool water to bring the temperature down to 130 degrees.

Add 1 tsp. starter yogurt to each jar

Once milk has cooled to 130 degrees, pour into canning jars about ½” from the top. Stir to mix in yogurt starter. Cover with sterile lids and rings.

Place filled jars in to a cooler, add enough water (water temp 122 degrees) so that bottles are surrounded, but the water is well below the lid rims. Place cover on the cooler. Do not disturb the yogurt and it will be finished in 3 hrs.

Refrigerate when done.