Aaron Lambert is a 1995 graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point and a recent graduate of NY Chiropractic College's Masters of Science in Applied Clinical Nutrition program. After a health scare at age 30, he started to explore the role of nutrition in building excellent health. This interest lead him to become certified as a Nutritional Educator through the National Institute of Whole Health. In addition, he completed the most advanced level of training for Nutrition Response Testing (NRT). During his time learning NRT, Aaron studied under the developer of NRT, Dr. Freddie Ulan. Aaron worked with his sister, Tara, at the Nutritional Wellness Center in Ithaca as the Client Advocate. After 5 years, a wonderful opportunity presented itself and he opened the Whole Health Nutrition Center, LLC in Endicott in November of 2012.



I have not always been as healthy as I am today. While I was generally considered quite healthy growing up, there were many underlying health issues that continued to get worse as I entered my twenties and early thirties. Below is the list of health concerns that I had around age 30.

  1. Falling asleep/drowsiness in the afternoon.
  2. Feeling bloated/gassy after meals.
  3. Extreme sugar/grain cravings between meals.
  4. Frequent nightmares.
  5. Recurring sinus infections.
  6. Frequent migraines/headaches.
  7. Highly irritable if I didn't get a sugar fix.
  8. Many cavities after years without any.
  9. Weight gain even with strenuous exercise.
  10. Nervous leg bouncing and hand motions.
  11. Dizziness upon standing and fainting spells.
  12. IBS with tremendous abdominal pain.
  13. Vicious stuffy nose and post nasal drip episodes that prevented me from sleeping. Drove me crazy!!
Around this time, I needed to move my belongings from South Carolina to New York. I rented a truck and after a late night and with only apple juice for breakfast got on the highway. Soon, though, I began to have an uncomfortable feeling over my heart and my field of vision narrowed. Luckily, I was able to pull over to the side of the highway where I passed out. My friend called 911 and an ambulance took me to the hospital. Later, I was told that I was kept alive on my way to the hospital by steroid injections because my heart rate kept falling below 20 beats per minute.

After four days in the hospital and numerous tests no one could tell me what happened except that it wasn't a heart attack. No one talked to me about my diet or gave me any suggestions to improve my health. At this point, I knew something had to be done or else I was in for some serious health issues in the near future.

My sister, Tara, who is the owner of the Nutritional Wellness Center in Ithaca was, at this time, beginning to work on a list of health concerns that baffled every one she sought help from. Her body was constantly in pain and, unfortunately, after all this time some health professionals began to tell her it was all in her head. So I followed her lead and began working with the same Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) practitioner she was working with. I learned that my diet had undernourished my adrenals to the point that they had trouble functioning properly and that poorly nourished adrenals have a hard time maintaining normal blood pressure and heart function. (This answered the question why I always got dizzy when I stood up quickly.)

As time went on, my sister became healthy the first time in her life by following the nutrition and supplement advice of her NRT practitioner. Eventually, she had enough energy to learn how to be a NRT practitioner. Ultimately, she opened up her own wellness center. I, on the other hand, would get some results and then fall back into my old eating habits. My symptoms would always return. Once she became a NRT practitioner, I decided to let her help me improve my health.

Over a period of two to three years I would continue the cycle of improving my health and then reverting back to my previous eating habits. Each time I restarted my attempt to improve my health, it took longer to feel better. During this time, my sister told me I was the worst client she ever had.

Finally, I chose a healthy future over sugar, fast food and highly processed food. This is the best decision I ever made. Today, at the age of 40, I have none of those symptoms listed above. I have never felt better and am extremely happy I have taken control of my health.

And taking control of your health is what I want to help you to do!!



What was it like before you came in to see us?

My health issues began at a very young age with stomach aches, headaches and sleeplessness. In my teens I struggled with endometriosis, anemia, chronic headaches and yeast infections and a bout with Mononucleosis from which I felt I could never fully recover. A lot of my symptoms came and went so my doctors often attributed my issues to stress and some even said that it was "all in my head."

In my early 20's I struggled with IBS and later in my 20's fibromyalgia and depression. I was getting sicker yet I consistently tested as "healthy" with the conventional medical community. So I began to seek more natural methods of care in my early 30's - after I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.

I had found some relief with homeopathy but how it worked was a still a mystery to me. Although I was aware of what I ate, I was not aware of how my misconceptions about healthy eating were at the root of my health issues.

After my first child seemed to be born with tooth decay, I was introduced to Weston Price and I started learning about whole food nutrition. I realized that our diets were leaving me and my family under-nourished and toxic. I began incorporating organic fruits and vegetables, grass-fed meats, raw-dairy and healthy fats; as well as developing an understanding of what a true nutrient-rich diet looked like. Yet, I struggled to incorporate it into our daily eating habits, especially when spending time with family. At the end of my third pregnancy I suddenly developed multiple health issues including a mysterious rash, severe eczema on my hands and face, constant weight loss, dizziness, extreme fatigue, painful digestive issues and headaches.

For almost two years, I was able to reduce my symptoms with the help of homeopathy, naturopathy, essential oils and a lot of trial and error. Despite all of my efforts, including liver detox and following a strict gluten and dairy-free diet, I was still not absorbing nutrients. I felt as though I was going to lose my life if I didn't get help soon.

How is it now?

The NRT that Aaron uses was what drew me to Whole Health Nutrition Center. I wanted to stop taking shots in the dark with my health. Since working with Aaron I have been able to take control of my health. He provided me with the missing information, whole food choices and support that I needed. I am now able to make better food choices about the grains and sugars that I was so addicted to. I am finally healing and have begun to thrive again. My energy and vitality have returned and I have truly taken control of my health.



What was it like before you came to see us?

When I started seeing Aaron my energy level was very low and I always felt tired especially in the middle of the day. Along with having no energy, I had horrible headaches & migraines that were a huge part of my life for many years. I also had frequent pain in my kidneys/adrenal glands that I experience when I had a lot of stress and anxiety. Probably the worst of all of these problems was my menstrual cycle that dates back to when I was about 15 years old. That included extreme cramping, bloating and headaches so extreme I could not function.

How is it now?

After seeing Aaron I have cut out sugar and gluten from my diet and have been taking daily supplements. Since this change my life has been drastically different. Even in the first 6 months with Aaron I stopped having the afternoon tiredness and I have so much more energy. My energy level is better even in the mornings, and I am not a morning person!
My headaches/migraines are just about non-existent along with the kidney/adrenal gland pain. My menstrual cycle is still a work in progress but I am on the right track and feel so much better. When I started working with Aaron my life took a 180 and for the first time in my life I feel good.