I Feel Young Again!
I was tired all the time with no energy, lots of aches and pains. I was overweight and frustrated. Now
the pain is gone. I have lots of energy and I feel young again. I have a lot more will power and wake up ready to take on the day! I feel 100% better. I'm losing weight slowly and it feels good. - J.S.


I Feel Lighter and Hopeful!
Before WHNC I was overweight and my weight was going up. I have learned to eat so that I don't gain and can even lose weight. I feel lighter and I'm happy that I don't have 30 lbs. of fat to carry around every minute of every day. I am hopeful that I can lose even more weight. I am shocked to remember the foods I used to eat. - J.S.

Trouble Gaining or Maintaining Weight

I'm Grateful To Be On The Road To Better Health!
Before WHNC I was having much pain in my kidneys with frequent urination at night. I had been diagnosed with low blood sugar levels and would often feel shaky and a need to eat right away when hungry. An improved diet and supplements helped improve my kidney symptoms and the pain in my kidneys is now greatly reduced and sometimes gone. With the guidance of the WHNC team I was able to reduce the number of sugars in my diet and snow don't feel the need to constantly carry a snack. I have also gained needed weight and body fat. - D.J.


I Wish I Had Gone To See Aaron Sooner!
Before WHNC I was sick for 8 months. I didn't believe that my nutrition could make me so sick. I had been diagnosed with colitis and so I had diarrhea multiple times a day. I felt sick whenever I ate and had to run to the bathroom many times. I had no energy left in me! After three months my health has greatly improved! No more diarrhea, no more upset stomach after eating and I now have tons of energy. Learning how certain foods react in my body has made me a healthier person. I feel like my old self again. - Kim McDaniels

Sugar Cravings

Now I Crave Good, Healthy Beautiful Foods
I wasn't sure how to truly break the sugar addition habit. I had lifetime issues with erratic sleep patterns, fierce sugar craving and extreme sleepiness throughout the day. My traditional Dr. ordered a stimulant to keep me awake, but it masked my body's needs and I ended up with extreme adrenal fatigue. I do not believe in diets and I do not like to be controlled but Aaron agreed to go slow and support me through the process. It is a work in progress and I have grown to respect and love this way of life. Almost a year later I feel good every day. I sleep deeply and stay awake all day. I no longer need the stimulant. The sugar cravings are gone when I eat foods that really feed my body. Now I crave the good healthy beautiful foods! - S.F.

Head, Sinus & Menstrual Pain

My Pain and Pressure Has Almost Disappeared Completely
When I began I had very low energy, sever sinus pain and pressure, painful menstrual cramps and felt overall like my health was dwindling and I was wasting my time with doctors. I was taking a moderate dose of Prozac, popping Tums and Zantac and plenty of sinus pain medications. I was depressed, anxious and bloated constantly. I was not able to make it through my day without crashing several times. After about two months with WHNC I experienced incredible changes in my energy levels. I never felt hungry - as I've been eating healthy foods and cut out sugar and processed foods. I have lost 30 lbs with only moderate exercise and feel healthier than I have in years. My sinus pain and pressure have almost disappeared completely with now drugs and my bloating is gone with only moderate menstrual cramps. - K.C.

Joint and Muscle Pain

I'm Very Happy I Chose To Do This!
I felt only ok, and knew I should and could feel much better. I had a lot of digestive issues, sinus and allergy problems; Also I had quite a bit of joint pain and stiffness, I bruised easily and was tired a lot. Now I feel so much better. I don't have any joint pain or stiffness any more. My sinuses very rarely bother me anymore. Heartburn is minimal. Digestive issues are still a work in progress but have calmed down a quite a bit. My skin is better, energy has improved and I feel less brain fog. My quality of life is much improved. - A satisfied WHNC client

Anxiety Depression

My Life Is Completely Transformed!
I was at a very low point in my life - physically exhausted, mentally foggy, emotionally in constant fight-or flight, and spiritually dry. I had spent the prior two months on several antibiotics to fight sinusitis, ear infections and a terrible flu. I was also stress eating a lot of breads and sugary foods and my joints were very achy and stiff. My life is completely transformed! After making my health a priority with WHNC's help and guidance, I am making informed decisions on what I eat. The supplements have helped calm my PTSD; I am healthy and walking with no stiffness. I got a better paying job with less stress and am doing better and making progress each week. All thanks to Aaron and WHNC! - Mary Jo Laboda

Sleep & Memory

Both My Sleep and Memory Are Better!
I had zero energy, could hardly sleep and my memory was horrendous. It was difficult to function in daily life and I felt like a zombie with pudding for brains. I had already begun the journey of changing my diet die to my Celiac and Hashimoto's disease but it wasn't enough. I feel human again, both my sleep and memory are better, as is my ability to function in daily life. My energy is back. I've started working out and I've seen a reduction in the amount of thyroid medication that I need. It's wonderful to have a happy and healthy outlook on life again. - Karen


I feel healthy!
Before WHNC I was diagnosed with diabetes and the medication used to treat it made me extremely ill - causing diarrhea, vomiting, weakness, loss of appetite and more. By following WHNC's recommendations, I have had a complete turnaround in my health. My blood sugar numbers have gone from the 400s to lower than 100s. I am off the medication that made me so sick and I only take a small dose of Metformin. I am working to get off all meds and feel that goal is well within my reach. My appetite is back and I feel healthy, which is something I have not been able to say in quite a while.
- Kimberly Franklin.