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Tired of feeling tired? Not willing to accept that getting older means an ever increasing list of health concerns? Do you have chronic health concerns that may go as far back as childhood? Do you instinctively know that you could feel better if you just knew exactly what to do?

The Whole Health Nutrition Center located in the Medical Arts building in Endicott takes the nutritional approach to supporting the body so that you can reach your true health potential. Combining a form of applied kinesiology, called Nutrition Response Testing (NRT), with a comprehensive and individual dietary program we will work with you as a team so that you can reach your health goals.

This is the perfect opportunity to take charge of your health and make life lasting positive changes.

Upcoming Events:

August 21st, 2014: 6:30p

The Art & Science of Fermentation:


Let’s return to our cultural roots and traditional dietary habits. In this class, Judy will be working with lacto-fermentation. This process heightens the nutritional value of vegetables and fruits by making the nutrients more bio-available. Fermented foods support your health by providing an abundance of nutrients and natural prebiotics which stimulate the growth of beneficial gut flora. In this workshop you will experience how simple it is to make these ferments and leave feeling confident to make them at home!

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September 11th, 2014: 6:30p

Preparing Enzyme-Rich Salad Dressings, Condiments & Marinades

Preparing Dark Leafy Greens

By adding these nutrient dense elements to your food, the nutritional value of the food is heightened making the nutrients more available. This is also a way of pre-digesting foods before they even hit the system adding ease to digestion. Learn simple basic traditional cooking skills to use in your own home on a daily basis.

October 16th, 2014: 6:30p

The Art & Science of Bone Broth

Join educator Judy Robilotti in an adventure of returning to our roots to create bone broth, the “Original Superfood” and cornerstone of nutrient-dense traditional diets. Bone broth is powerfully healing, an excellent source of minerals, electrolytes and amino acids and benefits the human body like no other food. In this fun class, you’ll learn how to make this powerful elixir and ways to use it in preparing healthy foods.


Learn About Nutrition Response Testing (NRT)

We All Like Vegetables!